Fall Indoor 2014

Know what's nice about Halifax Ultimate? Lots of indoor options! This is what we're offering.

Monday 4v4 indoor co-ed

  • Dates: Sept 15th - Dec 15th
  • Registration Type: Team entry
  • Playing surface: Hardwood
  • Game length: 55m
  • Location: Canada Games Centre
  • Registration: Sold out
  • We have less time than last year, so once returning teams have had their chance, we will open it up to individual player registration if there is space leftoever.

Tuesday 7v7 indoor co-ed

Saturday 5v5 indoor co-ed

Wednesday 5v5 indoor Men's - Presented by RC Ultimate

  • ​Dates: Oct 29th - Dec 17th
  • Registration Type: Individual Player
  • Playing surface: Hardwood
  • Game length: TBA
  • Location:  CFB Stadacona
  • Registration: Full registration info

Please note. All of these leagues will be run continuous, sub on the fly style. Confused? These are the key differences to note:

  • Players can sub off/on during play (like hockey) by tagging a teammate.
  • There are only 2 pulls per game - One to start, and one after halftime.
  • Halftime actually happens at half time, regardless of game score.
  • After a point is scored, play continues immediately.

Looking for a Monday team to join? Check out the Fall Free Agent List.


Fall Outdoor 2014

Interested in playing some Ultimate this fall? This is what we're planning to offer for Outdoor this Fall.
Wednesday 7v7 outdoor co-ed 


Looking for a team to join? Check out the Fall Free Agent List.

CNR 2014

After a brief hiatus, Halifax Ultimate's Catch'n'Release is back!  This tournament will have the plenty of space for everyone, with players who have decades of experience down to those playing in their very first tournament. Tiered divisions allows for you to play the majority of your games against similarly skilled teams.  The tournament will be played on Halifax Mainland Commons (Clayton Park), so no risk of cancellation due to weather.
7v7 mixed, 16 teams total.
Team fees - $425 (taxes inc)
Rec and Competitive tiers with crossover games before playoffs.  Please indicate which tier you would prefer to play when you register.  Send your $100 deposit to reserve your spot to Jennifer Beck ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) before June 22.  The first 16 teams will be accepted.  The remainder of team fees will be due Saturday morning at the tournament.
On-site physio, field food, prizes for division winners. Cash BBQ, Saturday night party and more!

Summer 2014 Individual Registration

Starting on Monday, May 12th, we are opening up registration to individuals who would like to be placed on a draft team - which is a team of people who have registered individually. When you register, you can indicate another person you'd like to be paired with.
We will accept people in the the order of when they pay*. IE. The first 9 men and 7 women to register AND pay will be put them on a team. If there ends up being enough for 2 (or more) teams, we'll take the next 9 men and 7 women in order of payment date.
*= In the case of a couple that want to play together, the first payment date from the couple will be used. Both people will have to register individually.
For more information, see the registration pages for each day day of play:
Cost: $49 for registration, $29 (or free!) for league membership. That's it! We offer the cheapest organized Ultimate in Halifax!
If you find a team to join after registering for a draft team, please let the league co-ordinator know.

Jersey order 2014

Halifax Ultimate is happy to announce that we're running another jersey order this summer. Check out the flyer for details and pricing of jerseys (short sleeve and sleeveless) and shorts! Got some people on your team that want sleeveless and some that want regular short sleeve? No problem! You can order any combination of jersey styles. No minimum's of each garment style.

We've even got a partner graphic designer to work on your logo needs at an incredibly reasonable rate.

Link to flyer

Order deadline is May 26, 7pm.


2014 Summer League

Spring is here, and that means summer Ultimate is coming!

Registration for teams is *now* open. See the league registration pages for full details:

The team fees for this summer are $608.70 + HST, making one of, if not THE, cheapest organized sports in HRM. Spilt that cost amongst ~14 players, and you're looking at $50/person. Compare that cost to other sports and you'll be blown away at the great value!

Each league runs from the 1st full week of June to the 2nd week of September. Teams have the option of requesting to have 2 games per day, which can mean that teams can get 25+ games. $50/person for 25 games. That is a good deal!

All players are required to purchase a league membership in order to take part in our summer league. We have various options, including a free introductory memberhsip for "new to HU" players:

We want more teams playing in the Tuesday Competitive AND Rec league. We get great fields and time slots, and there's space for more teams. We're so sure you'll enjoy it, we're going to offer a full 100% money back satisfaction guarantee to teams who register for Tuesdays and find it's not quite for them. After playing in 2 games, if you decide it's not working out, we will either refund your team fee *in full* or transfer your registration to another night (pending available space on the other day).

New Players

If you're new to Halifax Ultimate, and are looking looking for a team to join this summer, add your info to our "Summer 2014 Free Agent List".  Team captains know to look here for players. Remember, if you end up finding a team, please update/remove your information from the list!! Near the start of the season, if there are enough people on the list to form a team, we will make one up of those looking for a team.

Women's 4v4 Spring League!

Here are the details on the brand new Women's draft spring league:
- It's draft style registration! Just register AND pay, and we'll make up the teams! - 6 games (March 24th - April 26th) 
- Monday nights! 
- All Games will happen at the Canada Games Centre between 8-10p, (if 8 teams), or 7-10pm (if 6 teams)
- Games are 4-on-4, continuous, sub-on-the-fly style
- Cost is $39.13 + HST
- You can pick one other player to be teamed up with. You can enter this info when you register.
- Registration is open to the first 60 women to register AND pay.
- Register ASAP to guarantee your place in this league!

Men's League, Part Trois

Red Circus, a Halifax men's touring team, in a partnership with Halifax Ultimate will be running its 3rd Indoor Men's League on Wednesday nights. The league is open to all players of any skill level. There is a maximum of 60 spots available in the league so please register early, so that you don't miss out.

This will be an 8-week league. running from Mar 19th - May 7th.

Full details can be found on the registration page!

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