Winter 2016

This fall, we'll have a few options to get you playing Ultimate!

All leagues, with the exception of Tuesday 4v4, will be played under continuous, sub on the fly rules. See Indoor Rules.

Tuesday 4v4 will be played under C4UC rules, aka Quebec Indoor rules, with a fixed gender ratio of 2M:2F. Rules info to be posted soon. See here for a high-end game being played, featuring some of our best!

Please note: The Tuesday leagues mentioned below will alternate time slots weekly between 9pm and 10pm starts, meaning that players *CAN* play in both leagues. In order words, 4v4 will start at 9pm and 6v6 will start at 10pm, and they will swap each week.

Day/Name Dates Game Start Time Location Surface Team Cost Draft Player Cost Registration
Monday 4v4 Co-ed draft Jan 11 - Mar 14 7:30pm Canada Games Centre Wood N/A $49.50 (early)
$54.50 (late)

Dec 3,

6v6 Co-ed parity
Jan 5 - Mar 8 9:00pm BMO Soccer Centre Turf N/A $70

Wave 1: Full
Wave 2: Full
Wave 3: Dec 18,

Tuesday 4v4 Co-ed team* Jan 5 - Mar 8 9:00pm BMO Soccer Centre Turf $449 N/A Dec 7,
5v5 Men's 
Jan 13 - Mar 2  8:00pm CFB Stadacona Wood N/A $57.50 Dec 8,
5v5 Co-ed team
Jan 16 - Mar 19 5:00pm CFB Stadacona Wood $599 N/A

Dec 8,

  • Have a team to register for Tuesday 4v4 or Saturday 5v5? Just have one person register your team. That person can then invite all the other people to join the team.
  • Don't have a team? Don't fret! We've got options to help:
  1. Register for one of the "draft" leagues (Monday 4v4 co-ed / Tuesday 6v6 co-ed / Wednesday 5v5 men's). Draft registration means that the entire league is made of people registering as individuals. In Monday 4v4, you can even name a player to be paired with. First come, first serve!
  2. If you'd rather put your name out there for a Tuesday 4v4 or Saturday 5v5 team to find you, put your info on our Winter 2016 Free Agent List.
  • If you can only play occasionally, add your info to our Winter 2016 Sub List. Note, you must have a league membership (see below) in order to pick-up with a team.

*All* players must have a league membership before being able to join a team or play in any games. There are 3 memberhsip options:

1. Adult membership: This is our standard adult membership for those that have played with us before. 

2. Intro Adult membership: For those who are playing with us for the first time. Come find out why so many people love us! This membership is good for 1 full fiscal year (May 1 - April 30th)

3. JR membership (age 16-18):  We welcome players aged 16-18 to register for a free JR membership.