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Okay, so you've heard great things about Ultimate, and you think you'd like to give it a try. Maybe you have a bunch of friends who are keen, and so you can even put a whole new team together. But where do you start? What do you have to do? Who do you call? Well, hopefully, we can answer a few of those questions here.

"What IS Ultimate, anyway?"

Ah... the eternal question...

Well, you can get a feel for the rules of the game by looking at Ultimate in Ten Simple Rules... but in order to properly play the game, you'll need to become reasonably familiar with the UPA Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition. There is also lots of general information at the UPA site, and there are plenty of good reference links on our links page (we really recommend The Ultimate Handbook for meaty, stick-to-the-ribs articles and tutorials).

Ultimate in Halifax

Now... Ultimate never stops in this fair city of ours. Just when one season comes to an end, the next rises up like a phoenix from the ashes (nice simile, eh?). What permutation it is in can simply depend on the time of year.

To see a list of our upcoming leagues, check out the calendar of offerings.


And if all of that doesn't satisfy you... if you just can't get enough... well then... maybe tournaments are for you. One day, two days, up to four days of Ultimate; 3 to 5 games in a day; playing competitive Ultimate against teams from across Canada and the US. You can play in Halifax's very own Catch 'N' Release or C4P tournament, or you can find yourself traipsing across the country and continent (and occasionally the world) to a whole slew of tournaments with one of Halifax's several touring teams. And the scary thing is, the more tournaments you play in, the more you want to go to. Pure adrenaline addiction.

So, did we answer all your questions? There are plenty of people willing to help you out, just contact us and help will be on the way!

See you on the field soon!