Membership Types

We have 3 types of league memberships. The full and JR memberhips cover players for an entire calendar year of Halifax Ultimate events (May1st - April 30th). The intro membership is only good for one seasonal offering.

Full Player Membership
This memberhsip is for the adult player. Benefits that come with a membership:

Membership to DiscNS, our Provincial Sport Oranization
- Membership to Ultimate Canada
- Access to Halifax Utlimate member discounts at partner organizations
- Player accident insurance coverage
- A contribution to the Halifax Ultimate field fund

JR Membership
The JR membership gives all the same benefits as the full player membership, but is free! Players must be under 19, and must submit an "Assumption of Risk Document" to qualify for this membership.

Introductory Membership
The introductory membership is good for the first league you sign up for. If you're new to Ultimate and want to give it a try, we think it's best you can do so at a reduced cost (you'll still have to pay to join a team). With this membership, you won't be eligible for any of the great member benefits, but you will be able to play!