Outdoor Rules

Halifax Ultimate follows the 11th edition rules for Ultimate, with the following additions/differences:

Team captains are to mutually agree on an official time piece before the start of a game. The time piece will be used to determine the Time Cap of the game. If possible, there should be an audible alarm set up to indicate the end of Time Cap.
Prior to the start of a game, captains should flip a disc to decide a few game parameters. One captain flips the disc, while the other chooses "up" or "down", describing how the disc comes to rest on the ground. A disc is "up" if the disc face faces us, and "down" if the disc is upside down. The winning captain gets to pick the first parameter, and captains alternate for the last 2. Those parameters are:
- Who starts on Offence/Defence
- Which end to start at
- Which colour to wear
Gender Ratio
All mixed (co-ed) games will be played with a 4:3 ratio of men to women unless otherwise structured for the entire league. Captains do NOT have the option of changing this ratio for individual games. If a team cannot meet the 4:3 ratio for a game, they can optionally choose to play 4:2 or 3:3 for the game instead of defaulting.
Point Cap
13 for 1h10m games
15 for 1h25m games
Half Time
Half time is to last for 5 minutes, and is to occur when one team has score half of the point cap rounded up.
EG. In a game to 13, half time occurs when the first team reaches 7 points. In a game to 15, it's at 8 points.
Game Start/End
Games are to start and end as scheduled. If the start of a game is delayed for any reason, the game's end time is to remain as scheduled
Game End
We deviate from the official rules due to requiring games to end as close to on time as possible to accomodate double headers. Games are to end when the first of the following occurs:

1. When point cap is reached
2. When the game's scheduled end time occurs (Time Cap), regardless of what time the game starts. When this happens, the game ends at whichever of the following occurs first:
   A. The next point is scored (without turnover) OR
   B. The next turnover
Games are not required to be won by 2 points. Ties are allowed in the regular season.
There will be no “chances to tie”, “breaking the tie”, or “playing the point out” after the end time during a regular season game. If there is a tie when time cap is reached during a playoff game, the next point scored wins.
After Point Cap
Teams are permitted to continue playing for fun after the point cap is reached, but any points scored after the point cap will have no bearing on the official game score.
Teams are permitted 2 time-outs per game. One in the first half, and one in the second half.