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Fall Indoor 2014

Know what's nice about Halifax Ultimate? Lots of indoor options! This is what we're offering.

Monday 4v4 indoor co-ed

  • Dates: Sept 15th - Dec 15th
  • Registration Type: Team entry
  • Playing surface: Hardwood
  • Game length: 55m
  • Location: Canada Games Centre
  • Registration: Sold out
  • We have less time than last year, so once returning teams have had their chance, we will open it up to individual player registration if there is space leftoever.

Tuesday 7v7 indoor co-ed

Saturday 5v5 indoor co-ed

Wednesday 5v5 indoor Men's - Presented by RC Ultimate

  • ​Dates: Oct 29th - Dec 17th
  • Registration Type: Individual Player
  • Playing surface: Hardwood
  • Game length: TBA
  • Location:  CFB Stadacona
  • Registration: Full registration info

Please note. All of these leagues will be run continuous, sub on the fly style. Confused? These are the key differences to note:

  • Players can sub off/on during play (like hockey) by tagging a teammate.
  • There are only 2 pulls per game - One to start, and one after halftime.
  • Halftime actually happens at half time, regardless of game score.
  • After a point is scored, play continues immediately.

Looking for a Monday team to join? Check out the Fall Free Agent List.


Fall Outdoor 2014

Interested in playing some Ultimate this fall? This is what we're planning to offer for Outdoor this Fall.
Wednesday 7v7 outdoor co-ed 


Looking for a team to join? Check out the Fall Free Agent List.

Free Introductory Membership (2014)!

Due to feedback from some helpful people, we've decided that we should make it easier and freer for people to give Halifax Ultimate a try. To help get more people into our game , we're now offering a free adult membership . Please note that players will still have to pay for their player/team fees.

As always, players under 19 years of age are eligible for a JR's membership, which is always free and good for a whole fiscal year (May-April).

Remember, Halifax Ultimate is the only not-for-profit Ultimate league in HRM, offering the best priced Ultimate around AND an automated scheduling system to greatly help in making evenly-matched games and reduce blowouts! Give us a try! You'll love it.