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2014-2015 offerings

Curious what we're going to be offering for leagues in the 2014-2015 year? Check out our online calendar for info!


Winter 2015

Halifax Ultimate is gearing up for winter, and we've got some exciting offerings for you:

Day/Name Dates Location Surface Game Length Gender Ratio Level of Play Team Cost Player Cost Registration & full information
Jan 12 - Mar 16 Canada Games Centre Wood 55m 2M:2F All N/A $49.50/
Jan 6 - Mar 10 Soccer Nova Scotia Training Centre Turf 55m 4M:3F Competitive N/A $69/$79 Click
Jan 6 - Mar 10 Soccer Nova Scotia Training Centre Turf 55m 4M:3F Recreational N/A $69/$79 Click
Jan 14 - Mar 4 CFB Stadacona Wood 55m 5M All N/A $55.75 Click
Feb 7 - May 2 CFB Stadacona
CP Allen Community Centre
Wood 1h25m 3M:2W All TBA TBA TBA

Please note. All of these leagues will be run continuous, sub on the fly style. Confused? These are the key differences to note:

  • Players can sub off/on during play (like hockey) by tagging a teammate.
  • There are only 2 pulls per game - One to start, and one after halftime.
  • Halftime actually happens at half time, regardless of game score.
  • After a point is scored, play continues immediately.


Free Introductory Membership (2014-2015)!

Due to feedback from some helpful people, we've decided that we should make it easier and freer for people to give Halifax Ultimate a try. To help get more people into our game , we're now offering a free adult membership . Please note that players will still have to pay for their player/team fees.

As always, players under 19 years of age are eligible for a JR's membership, which is always free and good for a whole fiscal year (May-April).

Remember, Halifax Ultimate is the only not-for-profit Ultimate league in HRM, offering the best priced Ultimate around AND an automated scheduling system to greatly help in making evenly-matched games and reduce blowouts! Give us a try! You'll love it.