2014 Summer Free Agents

Spring is here, and that means outdoor Ultimate is coming! We're still awaiting details from HRM on what fields we'll have access to this summer, but we know that we'll be running co-ed leagues on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from early June to early September.

If you're looking for a team, add your info to our "Summer 2014 Free Agent List".  Remember, if you end up finding a team, please update/remove your information from the list!!

Women's 4v4 Spring League!

Here are the details on the brand new Women's draft spring league:
- It's draft style registration! Just register AND pay, and we'll make up the teams! - 6 games (March 24th - April 26th) 
- Monday nights! 
- All Games will happen at the Canada Games Centre between 8-10p, (if 8 teams), or 7-10pm (if 6 teams)
- Games are 4-on-4, continuous, sub-on-the-fly style
- Cost is $39.13 + HST
- You can pick one other player to be teamed up with. You can enter this info when you register.
- Registration is open to the first 60 women to register AND pay.
- Register ASAP to guarantee your place in this league!

Men's League, Part Trois

Red Circus, a Halifax men's touring team, in a partnership with Halifax Ultimate will be running its 3rd Indoor Men's League on Wednesday nights. The league is open to all players of any skill level. There is a maximum of 60 spots available in the league so please register early, so that you don't miss out.

This will be an 8-week league. running from Mar 19th - May 7th.

Full details can be found on the registration page!

Free Introductory Membership!

Due to feedback from some helpful people, we've decided that we should make it easier and freer for people to give Halifax Ultimate a try. To help get more people into our game , we're now offering a free adult. Here's the registration page: http://halifaxultimate.ca/zuluru/events/view/event:67 . Please note that players will still have to pay for their player/team fees.

As always, players under 19 years of age are eligible for a JR's membership, which is always free and good for a whole fiscal year (May-April).

Remember, Halifax Ultimate is the only not-for-profit Ultimate league in HRM, offering the best priced Ultimate around AND an automated scheduling system to greatly help in making evenly-matched games and reduce blowouts! Give us a try! You'll love it.